Standard Line Gearboxes

The standard line range was the foundation of STM Spa over 30 years ago. First off the production line was the Wormbox (RMI/UMI) followed closely by the Double Worm (CRMI), Helical Worm (CB) and further added to with the development of Torque Limiters (L) and Variators (WM).

For the past 20 years the majority of these products have been available “off the shelf” here at STM UK.

As times and technology have changed, so has the need for more efficient gearboxes with higher precision, not a company to rest on its laurels, STM then went on to develop the “High Tech” product range.

Please see the High Tech section for further information on this existing range of products.

High Tech Line Gearboxes

Following on from the “Standard Line” range STM, having considered the market, decided to develop the “High Tech” product range, ideal for the more exacting applications.

So whether you have a requirement for In-Lines (AM), Bevel Helical (OM), Parallel Shaft mounted (PM), the patented STMskew” bevel gearbox or if you're just not sure and would like some advice.

Please be confident that STM will have the solution for your application.

Planetary Gearboxes

Here at STM UK we like to give you as much choice as possible to offer, if we can, a one stop shop for your gearbox and motor needs. With this in mind we are pleased to offer these two excellent ranges of planetary gearbox.

Planetary gearboxes allow you the opportunity to reduce the size and weight of your drive units, being over 90% efficient and designed to carry high axial loads, they are already widely used on applications such as wind turbines, environmental equipment and on many mobile applications.

Would you like to look at switching to a planetary gearbox?

Ever wondered how a Planetary Gearbox is made, click here to find out more.

Give us a call to discuss your application.

Electric Motors

Alongside our wide ranging selection of gearboxes we also offer a comprehensive choice of motors.

Whether its 3 phase, 1PH, flameproof, DC , Double Brake Motors, Aluminium Flameproof or Brakemotors you require, we can offer them to you?

Many of the motors mentioned can be provided ex-stock for same day/next day national delivery, give us a call and see what we can do.

GSM - Heavy Duty Gearboxes

Having been in the power transmission field for over 25 years STM Spa decided it was time to expand the range even further with the acquisition of GSM, a heavy duty gearbox manufacturer. STM have mainly focused on 2 gearbox types, the Bevel Helical (RXO/RXV) and Parallel Shaft (RXP), with which to complement and expand the existing range available from STM; the PM and OM gearboxes. These units are an effective answer to the power transmission requirements of the middle-heavy and heavy industry. Alongside the 2 gearbox styles there has also been some standard additions been made to these which allow them to be used for more specific applications such as Bucket elevators, extruders and lifting applications.

STM/GSM is an established name within the industry and is supplying the range worldwide into industries such as:

  • Cranes
  • Steel mills
  • Bucket and Elevator applications
  • Heavy duty processing (Conveyors, agitators etc.)
  • Dockside handling equipment

With torques of up to 1,000,000nm, coupled with competitive pricing and an excellent build quality, STM/GSM are the people to talk to.

Micro DC Geared Motors

To further compliment our already extensive product range we are proud to introduce this exciting range of Micro DC Gear Motors and Brushless Gear motors.

The new Intecno micro gear motors series characteristics:

  • Coaxial arrangement of the input and output
  • Compact design
  • Advantageous torque with minimum space requirements
  • Low moments of inertia
  • Suitable for continuous, reversing and intermittent operation
  • Can be installed in any mounting position

Inverters - Variable Speed Drives

Invertek Drives Ltd dedicate themselves to the design, manufacture and marketing of electronic variable speed drives for the control of electric motors. All operations, including research and development, are accredited to the exacting customer focused ISO9001:2008 quality standard.

  • Easy to use with incredible performance
  • Robust and reliable
  • Wireless control for hundreds of applications
  • Powers ranging from 0.37kw 160kw

Coel Brake Motors and Atex Brakes

We have known about Coel brakes and brake motors for many years now after meeting Alessandro & Andrea about 6 years ago in Hannover. Having always kept in touch we were excited to hear, earlier this year, that there was a particular area where we could begin to work together.

STM UK now has full access to the Coel range of braked motors. The deal breaker was gaining direct access to the excellent VIS range of brake units. The VIS brake unit range fits onto the motor output and into the gearbox input (where required) via standard IEC or NEMA connections…very much like a mechanical variator. This range of Atex brake units can also be fitted onto the back of the motor by having a double IEC output on your Atex motor.

Coel Motori, based just outside Milan in the North of Italy, has been producing brake motors since 1976.  Coel Motori produces nearly everything in house , including the brake units, meaning they have full control over the quality of what leaves the factory.  Find out more at

In 2005, based on market demand Coel Motori made the decision to produce an easy to install Atex brake unit which could be retrofitted to an exisitng motor without modification of the motor or an extension of the existing certification of the motor.  The VIS brake was born!