Posted by Andrew Ralston | Posted on 23.01.18

Here at STM UK, we get a real buzz out of new applications, working with our customers to take their concept and helping them to make it a reality.  It is always more enjoyable working from the ground up and using our experience to select the correct drive assembly for the customers’ application requirements.

We had an enquiry from a new customer of ours, who was looking for a gearbox suitable for moving the drive roller on an Abrasion Machine, that they were manufacturing for one of their customers.


The roller needed to be driven at around 20rpm and was to be loaded with Conveyor belting, ready for being taken through the machine to be roughed up, prior to bonding. The customer also needed a small drive for the brush, and a stand-alone motor to move the head.

We calculated the torque requirements for this, based on figures that the customer had given us, and supplied an OMF100 flange mounted Bevel Helical box 19rpm with a 1.5kW motor from our range. This gave the customer a highly efficient drive, with a good torque rating and safety factor.


We also supplied an RMI 50 flange mounted worm gearbox for the brush drive, fitted with a 0.25kw motor.  As well as a 1.1kW 2p 3ph motor to move the head. All motors supplied were from our main supplier MT Motori, which are premium quality Italian manufactured, to complement our gearboxes.


Here at STM we offer full technical support and can offer the correct product for any application. Call STM today, to see what we can do for you.