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STM Spa was formed in 1976 and in this time has grown from a small, artisan gearbox producer, into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Industrial Gearboxes and Geared Motors. The company remains true to its’ roots, a family run business unwavering in the values to use the latest technology to produce the highest standard of products. In the year 2000 STM Spa – to continue its development – acquired the Heavy Duty Gearbox manufacturer GSM Spa in order to provide customers with a ‘total solution’. STM Spa and GSM Spa come together to form STM Team and produce in excess of 30,000 gearboxes each month for customers all over the world. All the products are designed and manufactured in Italy where, in addition, all materials and semi-finished products – such as castings – are produced and sourced.

STM Spa and GSM Spa production facilities are spread over 70,000sq/m, over 6 plants and employing over 250 people. To reduce the company’s environmental impact STM Spa has invested in excess of €3 million in solar energy production at the plant in Bologna through over 4000 solar panels. Together they produce more than 990,000kwh of electricity each year and provide 49% of the company’s annual electrical requirements saving more than 500 tons of carbon annually.

Please take a minute to watch of the STM Team presentation below.


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