Posted by Jamie Stockton | Posted on 18.07.17



There are many applications that require the use of a safety brake. These include hoisting, travel and positioning applications.

Traditionally an all in one brake motor might be installed, such as our TF or TFP brake motors. These motors are of a very high quality and perfectly suited for environments where an ingress protection of up to IP65 is required and up to Atex Zone 2-22 hazardous area certification.

But what if the local conditions or the demands of the application fall beyond these limits? There is an answer:-

STM UK is the authorised UK agent for VIS, a modular heavy duty brake unit that can sit between a gearbox and motor, or even on the back of an existing motor. VIS brakes are totally enclosed IP66 units offering braking torques of up to 16000Nm. Offered as a three phase fast acting AC brake or a single phase DC brake with a fast acting rectifier, these brakes can be suited to the most demanding of applications.

VIS brakes are incredibly quick and easy to install, available with a variety of flange and shaft options to suit European IEC and also NEMA standards, they can be directly bolted to a motor and/or gearbox with minimum effort. This means they can also be used to upgrade existing hazardous area motors with a brake without the need to change the motor, saving on overall costs.

Available with certification to suit Atex, IEC EX or CSA areas, these maintenance free IP66 modular explosion proof brakes help us to offer solutions for the most demanding of projects.


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