Posted by Andrew Ralston | Posted on 08.08.17


We’ve been in business since 1988 and over the years have always had customers which required their gearboxes and geared motors painted.  As the time has gone on, and we’ve got involved in more arduous applications, the need for painting has increased.  We used to paint for customers who just wanted their products in a certain colour, now we have to apply coatings which actually provide protection against the elements.

Parallel Shaft Gearbox Painted

We’re not a fully-fledged paint shop, we cannot shot blast gearboxes in house – for offshore applications for example – but we can paint to a very high standard.  For companies requiring painting to specifications such as C5M, this needs to be done at the factory or by one of the painting specialists which we work with.

Our colleagues in the works have all undergone extensive training from a painting expert who cut his teeth in the Royal Air Force, before becoming the in house training technician for Finishing Brands Devilbiss.

Below you can see our paint specifications, all of which can be carried out in-house.

STM UK Paint Specification

If you have any industrial gearbox and electric motor requirements where you need a special paint finish – or just a certain colour to match the rest of your equipment – give us a call today to see what STM UK can do for you?

Below you can find a short time lapse video of us applying our marine specification paint to a Planetary Geared Motor which we have developed in partnership with our paint suppliers and specialists PPG Sigma.