GSM Spa produce a range of gearboxes designed specifically for use in Cooling Towers and Pulp and Paper Mills.


  • Torques up to 103,000nm
  • GSM Spa is a member of the Cooling Tower Institute
  • Ability to absorb high thrust loads
  • Forced lubrication if required
  • Optimised gear pairs
  • Input seal and double output seal protection covers as standard
  • Industrial (C5I) and Marine (C5M) paint finishes available
  • FEM analysis reduces vibrations

Clever design considerations  – including up sizing of both the gears and bearings and balanced internal gear arrangements – ensures a greater uniformity of the loads within the gearboxes when in operation.  Split casing ensures that periodic inspection and maintenance is a breeze.  Follow the link below for more information from the STM Spa website.


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