• Parallel Shaft Gearboxes – Heavy Duty
  • Ratios from 1.1/1 to 800/1
  • Universal mounting options
  • IEC motor inputs available
  • Output options available (Hollow, solid, splined & flanges)
  • Over 700,000Nm output torque available
  • Extruder, Lifting, Bucket Elevator variations available

With STM Spa having acquired Heavy Duty Gearbox manufacturer GSM Spa, STM UK is delighted to meet the power transmission requirements of the Middle-Heavy and Heavy Duty Industry sectors.

STM UK 800 – Parallel Shaft Gearboxes offer ratios from 1.1/1 to 800/1; universal mounting options and IEC motor inputs. Output options include hollow, solid shaft, splined and flanged; output torque ranges to over 700,000Nm; Extruder Gearbox, Lifting Gearbox and Bucket Elevator Gearbox variations are also available.

The 800 series of Parallel Shaft Gearboxes from STM UK have gear unit dimensions and transmission ratios that follow a generic progression based on the R20 series of preferred (Renard) numbers as per UNI 2016.68.68

With STM UK you can expect a broad range of transmission ratios and high ratio density, enabling you to select a smaller gearbox size. Split casing and bolted covers in the 800 series – Parallel Shaft Gearbox range from STM UK make for easy Gearbox maintenance.

The 800 series features helical spur gear sets; superb gear geometry and high machining accuracy mean low noise levels and optimum operational efficiency.

Bearings in the STM UK 800 series Heavy Duty Gearboxes are high quality taper or self-aligning roller bearings, sized to offer a long service life when the recommended lubricants are used

Parallel Shaft Gearbox casings utilise a range of design features for optimal mounting versatility. An immense range of designs in the 800 series – Parallel Shaft Gearboxes mean all applications are catered for.


For further information, including Catalogues, Installation Manuals, Parts Lists or 2D/3D drawings please follow the link below:


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