• Long Axis Parallel Shaft Gearboxes with ratios from 17/1 up to 1100/1
  • Various mounting options
  • Accepts standard IEC flange and shaft Motors
  • From 0.01kw up to 15kw
  • Extended centre distances ideal for screw conveyors + augers
  • Strong, robust design

With ratios from 17/1 up to 1100/1 this range of Parallel Shaft Gearboxes are highly versatile and ideal for a multitude of applications. As with all of our gearboxes standard IEC flange and shaft input is the norm with various other configurations available.

STM Spa has designed this range of Gearboxes with extended centre distances – when compared with our other Parallel Shaft Gearbox range – with applications such as screw conveyors in mind. These applications are becoming more popular with the emergence of renewable energy applications such as pellet burners where these Industrial Gearboxes are used for the screw feeder to get the pellets into the burner.

This Gearbox range has been designed to be robust, utilising a rigid monolithic structure, allowing for the application of heavy loads.

The housings and flanges are predominantly manufactured from Aluminium until you get to sizes 85 and above where cast iron is a must. The gears have been cut from steel – tempered and casehardened – and offer maximum efficiency and low noise even under heavy loads.

The STM UK technical team will be happy to provide further details.


For further information, including Catalogues, Installation Manuals, Parts Lists or 2D/3D drawings please follow the link below:


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