• Parallel Shaft Gearboxes with ratios from 2.6/1 up to 278/1
  • Various mounting options
  • Accepts standard IEC flange and shaft Motors
  • From 0.09kw up to 30kw
  • Strong, robust design

This range offers ratios from 2.6/1 up to 278/1, various mounting options, 0.09kw to 30kw capacity within this range of Industrial Gearboxes; for higher powers please see the GSM section. As with all our Industrial Gearboxes, acceptance of standard IEC flange and shaft motors is the norm. The STM PM – Parallel Shaft Gearbox range is sturdy and durable.

STM has designed the PM – Parallel Shaft Gearbox range to an extremely rigid monolithic model capable of withstanding heavy loads.

The housings and flanges for this STM UK range are manufactured in engineering cast iron G20 UNI 5007. Sizes 63 and 71 use aluminium SG-AlSi UNI 1706 for housings and flange which is more appropriate for smaller sizes.

Casehardened and tempered steel 39 NiCrMo3 UNI EN 10083 is the material of choice where an input shaft is required on the STM PM – Parallel Shaft Gearbox range.

Steel C40 UNI 5332 is selected for the output shaft.

Gears are made of casehardened and tempered steel 18NiCrMo5 UNI 7846 which promotes noise reduction and maximum efficiency under heavy load bearing conditions.

The STM UK technical team will be happy to provide further details. Alternatively click here to download the PM – Parallel Shaft Gearbox catalogue for technical specifications and recommendations.


For further information, including Catalogues, Installation Manuals, Parts Lists or 2D/3D drawings please follow the link below:


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