• Shaft Mounted Gearboxes with ratios from 2.5/1 up to 29/1
  • Various mounting options
  • Shaft input
  • Exceptional reliability in harsh environments
  • Low maintenance
  • Monolithic casing with inspection cover
  • Ideal for material handling in – but not limited to – the quarry and mining field

The PT series of Shaft Mounted Gearboxes has been designed with the material handling industry in mind particularly in sectors such a quarry and mining where harsh environments and low maintenance are experienced. In these industries absolute reliability is expected and the PT Shaft mounted range is perfectly suited to this.

With a rigid monolithic structure the PT series can absorb heavy loads and also comes with an inspection cover as standard allowing you to inspect the gearbox without too much downtime.

As always with STM products a plethora of options are available and include…

  • Backstop device which prevents back driving, ideal for incline conveyors
  • Shrink disk for rigid and accurate mounting, ideal for applications where a high number of start stops are experienced
  • Taper bushing allowing easy mounting, dismounting and interchange ability

The STM UK technical team will be happy to provide further details.


For further information, including Catalogues, Installation Manuals, Parts Lists or 2D/3D drawings please follow the link below:


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