• Torque Limiter built within the gearbox
  • Protected from water, dust, oil and grease
  • Easy, external adjustment
  • Available on all standard line products

The Torque Limiter from STM UK has been designed to protect the Industrial Gearboxes and Geared Motors from overloads, shocks or any other irregularities associated with torques.

Compared to traditional clutches the STM UK Torque Limiter is protected from any potential pollutants, such as water, oil or dust by being integrated into the box.

The Torque Limiter is reliable, robust and easy to adjust from the exterior of the gearbox simply by turning an adjustable nut. Our torque limiters can be pre-installed in Worm Gearboxes RI-RMI, combined unit types CRI-CRMI Double Worm Gearboxes and with type CR-CB Helical Worm Gearboxes without modifications in design.

Upon special request the torque limiter may be assembled into the primary (smaller) gearbox in combined units. This will have no impact on the unit’s irreversibility, depending on the ratios of the gearboxes. The result is a less costly unit.

The STM UK Torque Limiter offers longevity – thanks to bronze (GcuSn12 UNI 7013) wormwheel material and shaft and brushings fabricated from ground stainless steel.

It is available in the following versions: LP (extended shaft), LC (hollow shaft) and LF (through hollow shaft)


For further information, including Catalogues, Installation Manuals, Parts Lists or 2D/3D drawings please follow the link below:


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