Industrial Gearboxes for OEM’s and End Users

This is very much the core of our business, supplying excellent gearboxes, motors and variable speed drives to our lovely customers! 
There are 2 main customer types for us…


We work with hundreds of OEM’s across the UK and Ireland supplying the geared motors for their equipment. We take great pride in the fact that we have a small part to play in so much UK manufacturing which provides so much to our economy. We like to think we’re a little different, that we try to go the extra mile and to be an extension to your business. Granted, not all business is like that, some of you just want a supplier to send the goods, on time, and keep the contact to a minimum… that’s your call. The bit we really love though, is where we work with customers who really want us to add value, to welcome us into their team and where we can make a real difference… is that what you’re looking for?

End Users

We work a lot with end users and engineering companies replacing existing gearboxes from us, and many other manufacturers. There is no secret in that there is a lot of interchangeability within our industry, but we’re really lucky to have some fantastically experienced colleagues – several working in the industry for over 25 years – meaning we are able to quickly assist in finding replacements however obscure. If you think we can help you, just get in touch with one of our team and see what STM UK can do for you!