Obsolete Industrial Gearbox Replacement

It happens, times change, new and better products are released, replacing the old iteration. 
But what happens when the geared motor you have is no longer available, or at least with the same mounting dimensions?

This is a scenario that we come across all too often, in most cases, we can offer a replacement gearbox which pretty much fits the bill, but sometime, only identical will do.

Over the years, we’ve gained loads of experience in this problem and have designed innovative solutions to provide a ‘drop-in’ solution. Sometimes this means a simple based plate, but others it means intricate mounting brackets and specially machined shafts. In many cases there’s a bonus… our new design uses a smaller motor and therefore, costs less to run!

Our thorough understanding of the industry, and more importantly, applications within it, mean we are well placed to help if you’re stuck. It’s all very well being interchangeable, but if you don’t understand that in a given application, that there tends to be an abnormal axial load on the output, you’ve probably just made the problem worse.

Below are a few examples of applications where we’ve had to develop turn-key solutions for our customers.

Geared motor with special foot-plate