Building gearboxes for customer breakdowns

We all know that, even with the best of planning, sometimes things go wrong.  Therefore, we hold a large stock profile to allow us to build gearboxes from stock for customer breakdowns.  We stock component parts for worm gearboxes, helical bevel, planetary, helical inline along with variators and a range of motors with features such as brakes and forced cooling.

Taking a walk around our warehouse today I saw 2 jobs which were being built for customers who had only enquired a short while before.  I would estimate that at least 3-4 jobs a day are ordered that day for despatch that evening or even on a taxi when they are particularly urgent.

The first job was just a small worm geared motor which had gone down on a food processing plant near Sheffield.  Our customer called us with the details and within 30 minutes we had the part on a taxi to site to be installed and get the lineup and running.  The best part of this one, for me, was to watch everyone in the office pulling together to help our customer, 1 person was entering the job, another filling out the quality sheet with the guys in the works already picking the parts – slightly going against the official process but the customer was desperate - and starting the build and test process.


The second job was a little more time consuming as we had to build the helical gearboxes from component parts.  Admittedly, this one was not quite so urgent, it was only on an AM delivery.  The enquiry came in at around 1100 and we managed to build 2 gearboxes, fitted with brake motors and have them on the courier that evening, another great job by everyone involved.

We’re a growing company and from the day we started we’ve always been about customer service and these are 2 perfect examples of what we are all about.  It makes me incredibly proud to watch the team pull together and get things done for our customers.

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