Industrial Gearbox Repair Service

Here at STM we’ve been playing around with gearboxes for more than 30 years and think we’ve learnt a thing or 2 in that time. We’ve been doing a lot of industrial gearbox repairs for our customers which often works out more cost effective than buying a new gearbox. Sometimes just a little refurb is in order; new oil, seals and bearings. Other times a full overhaul is required with replacement components including gears or shafts.


We recently had a planetary gearbox sent to us which had experienced a severe overload and damaged many components. The gearbox had been installed in a very dirty environment subject to water and contaminants, so the first job was to give it a quick clean then inspect the damage. The unit needed to be fully stripped down to inspect all the major components, knowing that the unit had been overloaded meant that we needed to carefully check the gearbox housing in addition to all the drive components.

Luckily, the housing was still in a good condition although some of the drive components had not been so lucky. The output shaft needed replacing along with the first gear stage due to damage to the sun gear and planets.  New parts were ordered and upon delivery, the gearbox was rebuilt including new oil, bearings and seals. Following the rebuild, the gearbox was pressure tested to ensure it was correctly sealed, and fully tested before being sent to paint. We applied a 2-part polyurethane paint finish to protect it from the elements and the unit was returned to the customer.

It is also worth considering – when a new unit has been supplied – repairing the old gearbox to keep as a spare.

STM UK can repair and refurbish any manufacturers gearbox, sourcing replacement parts - where available - or reverse engineering parts which are out of production. We can also look at more up to date alternatives for old applications which is something we have been doing a lot of for the wastewater industry.

Do you use industrial gearboxes? If so, get in touch with us today and see what STM UK can do for you!

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