Our visit to Italy

During September I took our external team to visit the gearbox production facilities in Bologna and Modena.  I’ve been lucky enough to visit many times over the years but there is still always something new to see, someone new to meet or something I’d forgotten about.

We didn’t have all that long – just 2 days - but managed to pack plenty in during our visit.  The first afternoon we spent doing some product training on the Heavy-Duty GSM and Planetary ranges.  The following day was all about seeing the factories, production facilities and the capabilities of the company with which we work.

We started the 2nd day in Modena which is where the factory for GSM Spa is located.  Only about 30% of the gearboxes produced in GSM Spa are ‘out of the catalogue’.  The majority are designed and manufactured for specific applications so will have non-standard features.  GSM Spa produces gearboxes with torques in excess of 1 million nm’s which are very impressive to see.  All gears and shafts are machined in-house, and full traceability of all components – right back to the material supplier – comes as standard.


After a spot of lunch (pizza of course) we headed back to Bologna to look around the STM Spa factory.


The factory has grown over the last few years to now include an automated warehouse containing more than 13,000 pallet locations.  The investment was massive and really goes to show the investment being made in the future of the company, I suppose this is what comes from the company still being family owned.  All machining is done in house which allows excellent quality control.  Every time I visit there are new machines and this time was no different, a new gear cutting machine was being commissioned during our visit.


I have always felt very lucky to be a part of the STM family and the feedback from our external team echoed that feeling, here’s what they had to say…

Ian Moennich – Area Sales Manager South

“This was my second visit to STM Spa and I must say it gets better every time.  The welcome from all the staff is warm and friendly, from shop floor to director’s office.  My initial visit was 3 years ago and I was taken back by the level of investment made by STM since then.  This includes new automated gear cutting machines, and a new fully automated warehouse, costing around 15Million euros and stocking over 13000 pallet locations.  The technology used is of the highest level from the initial design stage through to manufacturing, stocking, assembly and quality control.  You really get an appreciation of the volume of gearboxes and the sheer size of the industrial variants they produce.  It’s fascinating to see the flexibility they have for not only producing so many standard products but also designing and manufacturing bespoke products with the customers.  I came away feeling prouder of the products we sell to customers and the reassurance/confidence STM Spa gives us with the solutions we offer.  I was a bit ‘camera happy’ on the visit and would love to share the photos of the trip with anyone to show them how good STM really are.”

Martyn Craig – Area Sales Manager Midlands

“My visit to see the STM factories in Italy has only strengthened my belief that we are a quality gearbox manufacturer, with a vast range of products, as well as technical support, making us able to offer a solution to virtually any application. The size and production capabilities of both the STM factory in Bologna and the GSM factory in Modena is very impressive. I am proud to be a part of the STM family.”

Andrew Beesley – Area Sales Manager North

"Now I have been in the industry for many years, and in that time, have visited many factories in the UK, I was asked to visit the STM, GSM and MT Motori Factories in Bologna and Modena (Italy) and was keen to see the differences.  All three companies are state of the art, well set out, well managed, all the staff members we met where highly motivated and very proud of the product that they were manufacturing, every question we asked to any member of staff, was met with a detailed answer, this show me that people take pride in their company, their product.

This is state of the art, manufacturing process, with excellent quality control, from Raw materials to precision engineering of component parts, to assembly and finishing, everyone proud to call it ‘Made in Italy.

Even the solar panels on the roof where producing 698Kw of power to provide a large part of the power needed to run a huge factory.

It does make you feel proud to be a part of it."

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