STM UK has supplied hundreds of gearboxes for detritors to both manufacturers and end users. Therefore, we understand that these applications have robust requirements putting high demands on gearboxes. For instance, long life expectancy, high output radial and axial loadings, and harsh weather all mean that the gearbox must be correctly selected by experts.  

For instance, gearboxes for detritors are often in remote locations and left unmanned for long periods of time. As a result, the detritor gearboxes must be properly selected to allow for continuous use with minimal maintenance and stoppages. Gearboxes for detritors need to be able to withstand occasional shock loading which can occur due to excessive rain causing extra silt in the tank. This can then obstruct the paddles and cause extra loading on the gearbox.  

For this reason, we often supply ratchetting, automatic resetting, torque limiter clutches to avoid overloading the gearbox. Many of the detritor gearboxes are inline vertical examples and therefore, are fitted with rain canopies.  

STM UK has an excellent variety of gearbox styles for use on Detritors. These include Parallel Helical and Planetary units. These gearboxes cover all styles of aerators allowing for low output speed and loading options. Planetary gearboxes are often used on detritors where the paddles are mounted directly to the gearbox output shaft.

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