Gearboxes for Grit Rakes

STM UK has many years experience of supplying gearboxes for grit rakes in the water industry. Subsequently we’ve developed a clear understanding of the nuances of this application. We understand that grit rakes have robust requirements putting high demands on gearboxes. As a result, we must consider the effects of high shock loads, high output radial loadings and harsh weather working environments. We know that gearboxes for grit rakes are often in remote locations and left unmanned for long periods of time.  

Gearboxes for grit rakes need to be able to withstand potential high shock loads from foreign bodies entering the system. Therefore, we offer our gearboxes with ratchetting, automatic resetting, torque limiter clutches. These have been proven to save the gearboxes in cases of a blockage in the rake. The clutches can also be fitted to an alarm, alerting the operator and cutting the power.  

STM UK has an excellent variety of gearbox styles for use on grit rakes. These include Bevel Helical and Worm gearboxes.

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