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Mechanical Variators

Mechanical Variators from STM UK are oil lubricated units that allow continuously changing output speeds via manoeuvring a hand wheel.


  • Mechanical Variators provide a 5:1 speed variation
  • Foot or flange mounted
  • Accepts standard IEC flange and shaft
  • From 0.18–9.2 kw

STM has given due consideration to the choice of materials used in manufacturing the VM/WM Mechanical Variators. Equal attention has been devoted to the working tolerances, commercial components utilised, components assembly and the choice of oil used with the aim of achieving optimum performance stability, longevity and high efficiency in this Mechanical Variator.

Aluminium SG-Alsi UNI 1706 is used in the variators for housings, flanges and feet of low power gearbox sizes (V63, 71, 80). High power models (V90) feature in mechanical cast iron G20 ISO 185.

To operate, VM/WM Variators are virtually silent, vibration-free and available with both directions of rotation.

They are supplied pre-filled with AGIP mineral based oil (Transmission Fluid VE, 110 cSt viscosity).

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