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Long Axis Parallel Shaft Gearboxes – PL

The Long Axis Parallel Shaft Gearbox range offers extended centre distances useful in applications such as screw conveyors and winches reducing the width of the finished machine.


  • Long Axis Parallel Shaft Gearbox
  • Ratios up to 1100:1
  • Output torque up to 10,500Nm
  • Input power up to 132kW

The extensive range of options on this gearbox range offers ultimate flexibility.  The range covers output torque up to 10,500Nm allowing installation into some very demanding applications.

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Essential data:

  • Gear type: Helical
  • Efficiency: 91% – 93%
  • Ratios: 17 – 1100
  • Max torque: 10,500Nm


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