We work with several high quality electric motor manufacturers which are matched perfectly with our gearboxes or as standalone machines. Different manufacturers specialise in different types of motors which is why we work with a few. Working with us ensures that your motor will be selected to suit your application perfectly, not just because it is the type that we sell. Our motors are available with all the extras and special features you can think of. We don’t show all the manufacturers we work with so if you don’t see the make you’re after… don’t worry, just give us a call and let us do the rest! Just click on the links below to find out more about the product; you can also download catalogues, operating/service manuals and 2D/3D models in a large variety of formats.

Brook Crompton Motors

Brook Crompton Motors

3 Phase Motors.jpg

MT Motori – TN 3Ph Motors


MT Motori – TF Brake Motors

Brakemotors – TFP.jpg

MT Motori – TFP Brake Motors


MT Motori – TFF Double Brake Motors

Single Phase Motors.jpg

MT Motori – MN 1Ph Motors




CEMP Motors

Aluminium Flameproof Motors.jpg

Rael – Aluminium Atex Motors

Stainless-Steel Motors.jpg

Stainless Steel Motors